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As a person or business, when you hear Facebook, what comes to your mind? Do you see it as a platform for just socializing with family and friends or posting your vacation pictures on your timeline? There are interesting facts about Facebook that have critical implications for your business in the area of marketing and community engagements.
From my research, I have come up with the facts below and their implications for your business:
According to a recent data by Statista, Facebook Monthly Active Users (MAU) as at Q1 2017 was 1.94 billion while the daily Active user was 1.28 billion.
Implications for Your Business: As you can see in the Statista chart below, the number of active users on Facebook has been on the rise and the social media platform would continue to evolve. Therefore, it makes sense to build your brand presence on Facebook. This should be a top priority for your business because the platform is not going anywhere anytime soon.

This talks about the categories of people that use Facebook worldwide and your region.
According to self-reported data on Facebook, we have the following stats:
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  • For people aged 18 and older, 44 percent of users identified as women, while 56 percent identified as men.
  • 87% of online users on Facebook aged between 18 and 29.
  • 69% of Facebook users self-reported to have some form of University degrees while 30% reported high school as their highest educational level.
  • 63% of age 50-64 are on Facebook.
  • 39% of online seniors age 65+ are on Facebook.
  • 79% of 30 to 49-year-olds online in the U.S. use Facebook
  • Facebook has nearly 85% of users daily outside U.S. and Canada

Implications for Your Business: This means as a business, you must know your audience and know what motivates them to engage with you. It is therefore important to continually analyze Facebook users overall in comparison to your target audience.

Facebook remains the most used sites among all ages.
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  • It accounts for 1 in every 6 minutes spent online and 1 in every 5 min spent on mobile.
  • People spent more than 20 min a day on Facebook
  • Users generates 4 million likes per minute
  • Video is now a big deal on Facebook. 8 billion average daily video views
  • Up to 100 million hours of daily video watch time
  • 85% of video on Facebook are watched without sound
  • Facebook live streaming is continuing to grow.
  • 88% of millennial get news from Facebook. It’s a news source for some users.
  • A Facebook post reaches 75% of its potential engagement in the first 5 hours

Best time to post on Facebook varies from Business to business. Find out what works for your business.
Implications for Your Business: This means you must pay attention to the dynamic trends in how people are using Facebook. Find out where your customers or audience spend their time on Facebook and take full advantage of it.

Facebook Page is a platform you can create for people to meet your business.
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  • There are more than 50 million businesses with Facebook page.
  • 2.5billion comments were made on Facebook pages every month.
  • About 32% of Facebook users engage with brands regularly
  • 42% of customer service responses from brands on Facebook occurred within the first 60 min.

Implications for Your Business: This offers huge opportunity to provide fast, direct and personal customer services. For support on creating a facebook page for your business, contact us via this link

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  • Over 3 million companies/brands use Facebook to market their business.
  • 70% of those companies are outside the US.
  • Images are responsible for 75-90% of an ad’s performance

Implications for Your Business: This implies that you should start leveraging on this features on Facebook to promote your products and services. Choose visually appealing image in your ad placements. It’s also important to tailor your ads (and your posts in general) to user behavior on Facebook.

Summary of Fun Facts About Facebook
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  • More than 40 million small businesses have active Facebooks pages.
  • The Facebook like button has been pressed 1.13 trillion times.
  • As of January 2016, 100 million hours of video was watched on Facebook Daily.
  • The average time spent on Facebook per visit is 20 minutes making the average monthly time spent to 600 hours.
  • More than 83% of daily active users are outside the US and Canada the number has grown from 75% in previous year which goes on to show the increased growth in rest of the world.
  • Percent of 18-34 year old who check Facebook when they wake up is 48%.
  • Average number of pages, groups, and events a user is connected to is 80.
  • 350 Million photos are uploaded every day, with 14.58 million photo uploads per hour, 243,000 photo uploads per minute, and 4,000 photo uploads per second.
  • Every 20 Minutes, 1 million links are shared, 20 million friend requests are sent, and 3 million messages are sent.
  • 55 million status updates are made every day.
  • Facebook is available in 101 languages with over 300,000 users helping in translation.


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