9 Hot Internet Money Making Opportunities

internet money making
The Internet has become a dominant commercial environment where people make money and earn their living. In fact, it has helped so many people to become millionaires & billionaires in their various fields with diverse opportunities and careers. However, it is obvious that so many people in Africa are yet to explore these wonderful benefits. This is the reason why there is the need to edify these people so they can take advantage of these privileges and take part in the life-changing movement taking place around them.
So many ways and outlines exist to make money on the internet and become financially free. In fact, there are plenty hot businesses anyone can invest their little capital in and start earning awesome revenue in few days.

I have outlined 9 of the goldmines on the internet below:

Blogging is the art of creating a blog (a form of website), managing it and making money from it. This involves opening a blog, sending traffic (visitors) to it and earning revenue from the activities of your visitors. One of the pros of blogging is you can blog about anything you want! Focus on your passion and share your thoughts with the world. However, one cons about blogging is that it takes a long time to build up traffic but if you aggressive about it you can do more research and network with other bloggers

As a blogger, there are various programs you can participate in to earn money. These include: Pay Per Click Advertising, Cost Per Mile Advertising, Pop Ups, Product Reviews, Marketing, Surveys, Text Ads, Text Link Ads and so on. In the next article, I would provide details on how to setup a blog and get traffic to it.

Affiliate Marketing involves the promotion of other people or companies’ products and earning a commission in return if a purchase is made. Here, you will refer or advertise on behalf of people and you get paid a commission whenever your clients make purchase. Example of online platform where you can register as an affiliate is Amazon and Konga & Jumia for those based in Nigeria.

If there is anything you are good at doing or any skill you possess, you can invest in freelancing. Whether it is Graphics, SEO, Internet Research, Blog Management, Article Writing, Proof-reading, Website Designing, Content Creation or any skill, you can become a freelancer. Freelance involves the sale or rendering of services in exchange of money. Precisely doing what you are good at for people who need it and earning income from it. Examples of freelancing site on the internet include: fiverr.com, freelancer.com, elance.com, etc.

Article writing encompasses the writing or publishing of articles for traffic, brand promotion and sales. Apart from getting paid directly to write articles, you can also submit your articles on article directories to promote yourself as well as your businesses and products with backlinks. The more people that read your articles, the more name recognition you have and the more you attract traffic to your sites and blogs to make more sales! Examples of article directory include Goarticles.com, Squidoo.com, Hubpages.com, ContentBLVD.com, Triound.com, Ehow.com, Gather.com, Buzzle.com Helium.com, Fiverr.com and much more.

This involves working with local businesses, offline, to teach, guide, counsel and assist them in bringing their businesses online. As an Offline Internet Consultant, you educate them about setting up a website, optimizing the website for Google ranking, how to do effective Customer Service using internet and why Internet Marketing is necessary for any business.

Network Marketing is also a form of marketing. However, what you will be marketing here is your network and products running simultaneously. It is simple and only requires good Marketing and Communication skills. With the use of social media, you can take this to a completely different level. Lynda Iheanachor, a Nigeria-based Network Marketing Pro, is using Social Media to kill it in this area.

Niche Marketing comprises the creation of contents of a particular niche for a particular group of people without focusing on ‘business opportunity’ or ‘make money’ niches (like Internet marketing or network marketing).
It targets niches such as Self-Improvement, Dog Training, Gaming, Movies or other things that do not fall into the category of money making niches.
You can focus on your passion and become an expert in it. Let’s say you are an expert at Gardening, then talk all about it and monetize from this niche alone.

Information Marketing is one of the most popular niches online. It is mostly related to teaching others how to make money online or business opportunity niches. There is a huge hungry market here looking to find the holy grail of making money online. If you have an information product that can help them to make money, save money, save time, save effort or generally run their business for them, then you have a huge market here. However, this is one niche that you must make sure you produce results for your prospects. Don’t be a hypocrite by telling others you can teach them to make money online but you haven’t made a single cent!

There are opportunities in this niche in that you can get resell rights or private label rights of other people e-book, or you create your own digital product (e-books, video clips, podcasts, etc).
Various methods exist you can use to sell a digital product. For instance, you can sell a digital product via social media, on forums or even through Amazon (for Kindle). Another option is to let other people promote your product for you and to simply take a cut of the profits.

Drop Shipping essentially involves selling physical product on behalf of a wholesale supplier. You promote the product on your various marketing platforms and then you process the payment. Then, you pass the shipping details on to the supplier and pay them their share. This offers a perfect business model in that you sell to a wide range of customers without having to worry about fulfillment or inventory. You can even go a step further by doing what is called Private Label Shipping in which case you get to ship the product from the wholesaler with your branding and return address on the packaging.

One major downsides of drop-shipping as a business model is getting reliable wholesaler. But fortunately you can use some online tools like www.alibaba.com and www.worldwidebrands.com to find drop-shipping wholesalers.

In Conclusion, think about the various business models discussed, identify your current situation and choose what you feel will work best for you. Watch for future articles that would cover each of those models in detail. Subscribe above!

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